Insolvency Disputes

Muscatt Black Graf advises claimants and defendants on insolvency claims and contentious insolvency issues. We work with individuals and businesses across various service sectors and can help protect assets from a debtor both pre- and post-insolvency.

Insolvency Disputes are often complex and can cover multi jurisdictions. Our specialist team of insolvency practitioners at Muscatt Black Graf are experienced in data collection, analysis, and review. We have the expertise necessary to oversee and support an investigation, regardless of its complexity and size.

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Insolvency Litigation Solicitors

Muscatt Black Graf’s Insolvency team can advise on the full range of contentious insolvency matters, including:

  • Investigations
  • Asset recovery
  • Freezing orders
  • Civil claims for fraud
  • Claims and investigations relating to audit issues
  • Claims relating to directors’ duties
  • Winding-up proceedings
  • Bankruptcy proceedings

Our team of experienced Insolvency practitioners can help advise companies and individuals wishing to start insolvency proceedings against debtors for monies they are owed and can also assist any businesses facing insolvency proceedings against them. In addition to our experience in disputed matters, we also have expertise in restructuring in insolvency situations.

Whether you are the director, shareholder or employee of a company that is struggling with financial liabilities, or you represent a business that is dealing with an insolvent company, Muscatt Black Graf’s team of Commercial Dispute Resolution solicitors can advise you on the best course of action to take. We strongly recommend that anyone finding themselves in this situation seeks legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

Insolvency and Restructuring Solicitors London

Muscatt Black Graf is a long-established specialist law firm of highly experienced lawyers who provide exceptional client care and straightforward advice.

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