Pre-nuptial Agreements

Our team of Family and Matrimonial lawyers has extensive experience creating pre-nuptial agreements to protect the financial interests of a variety of clients.

We have particular expertise in representing high-net-worth and high-profile individuals and have successfully drafted and enforced pre-nuptial agreements in many cases involving high incomes, family trusts, business interests, overseas assets and pensions.

Our client-focused approach is built on getting to know our clients, their needs, and their interests. By understanding our clients’ requirements, we can prepare legally binding agreements that successfully protect their assets and interests.

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Pre-nuptial agreements are used for several different reasons, including:

  • To protect children’s inheritance or specific assets
  • To protect inherited money, assets, or savings
  • To determine how assets will be split upon divorce or dissolution
  • To allow one partner to retain control of business ownership
  • To protect you from your partner’s debt

Pre-nuptial agreements are not always considered legally enforceable in the UK. However, the courts are showing an increasing willingness to abide by the terms set out in a pre-nuptial agreement, provided that it has been entered into correctly and is ‘fair’.

Our experienced team of Pre-nuptial Agreement specialists can advise on the best way to proceed to ensure an agreement will be upheld and draft agreements to ensure a fair and amicable division of assets in case of a relationship breakdown.

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Several requirements must be met to make your pre-nuptial agreement more persuasive to the Court. These include:

  • You have each taken independent legal advice on your rights and the agreement’s implications
  • There has been full disclosure of all assets and liabilities
  • The agreement allows for future family changes, for example, the arrival of children, or if someone becomes seriously ill and is unable to work
  • Neither of you has been unduly pressurised into signing
  • The agreement is updated regularly

It is also important that any discussions about pre-nuptial agreements begin in good time, as signing too close to your wedding day or civil partnership ceremony could impact its validity.

Our Family Law solicitors can assist with initial discussions on pre-nuptial agreements, help with negotiations around the division of assets and ensure that any pre-nuptial agreement is drafted to best protect our clients’ assets.

We can also represent clients that want to challenge the terms of a pre-nuptial agreement entered into with a partner and offer various dispute resolution options to achieve a positive outcome.

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While pre-nuptial agreements are usually for couples intending to get married, our Family Law solicitors also advise couples looking to make and enter into cohabitation agreements.

After living together for a while, couples can find their possessions and financial interests increasingly entwined, and it can be difficult to clarify who owns what. Cohabitation agreements work in much the same way as pre-nuptial agreements to provide asset protection for both partners.

Our Prenuptial Agreement lawyers also work closely with our specialist Private Client Lawyers and Property teams regarding any changes you may be considering regarding estate management or property.

Pre-nuptial Agreement Lawyers London

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