Restructuring and Redundancy

Muscatt Black Graf’s specialist Restructuring and Redundancy lawyers work with employers and employees to support, advise, and assist on the many legal issues that can arise when a company is restructuring.

Restructuring an organisation can seriously impact the business itself and its staff members and must be handled extremely carefully to make sure the process is fair.

If you are looking for advice and guidance on Restructuring and Redundancy and want to discuss your next steps, please call Muscatt Black Graf today on 0207 586 1141.

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Our partner-led team of Employment lawyers has advised organisations from many different sectors on all aspects of redundancy and restructuring programmes, including:

  • Collective Redundancies
  • Fire and Re-hire
  • TUPE Transfers

Our experienced team of solicitors helps businesses of all sizes with restructuring and redundancy, from large-scale strategic reorganisations to individual redundancies. Our solicitors have the knowledge to help you through the entire process, and we pride ourselves on offering tailor-made solutions to fit your needs.

Muscatt Black Graf’s specialist Restructuring lawyers can help in all areas of the redundancy process, including:

  • Designing the consultation process
  • Analysing and determining the selection pools and selection criteria
  • Planning, delivering and recording the consultation process
  • Ensuring a realistic timetable is put in place
  • Drafting the relevant documentation
  • Preparing settlement agreements

Seeking professional and specialist advice at the earliest stage is crucial to any successful redundancy process and is vital to help avoid any claims at a later stage.

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Muscatt Black Graf will support you and your organisation through the entire process, simultaneously keeping an eye on your business goals and balancing legal risk with commercial reality.

If an employee threatens to make a claim, we will suggest practical solutions to protect your business. We also have significant experience acting in disputes if matters become contentious and Employment Tribunal claims are brought by employees or their representatives.

Muscatt Black Graf can also act for individuals who have been made redundant, advising on the merits of a claim and working with you to decide the best way to proceed.

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Muscatt Black Graf is a long-established specialist law firm of highly experienced lawyers who provide exceptional client care and straightforward advice.

To speak to one of our friendly, experienced and professional Restructuring and Redundancy Lawyers, please call 0207 586 1141, email, or fill in our online contact form.

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