Transport and Infrastructure

Our lawyers have advised on rail matters since 1994, starting with the restructuring and privatisation of the UK overground rail industry and extending to light rail and the underground rail systems.

As a client you will want a lawyer with a wide perspective across the industry and those dealing with it. Our lawyers have acted for infrastructure and train operators (UK and international), commercial suppliers, such as a rolling stock manufacturer, funders, property developers and landowners.

We advise at both strategic and transactional levels and provide specialist assistance to other law firms and professionals in this field. 

Rail is a highly specialised area, and we also have detailed knowledge of the contracts that govern the rail industry, its regulatory and safety framework and a practical knowledge of the industry to be able to advise effectively.

Our transport experience includes the automotive and telematics industries.

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Transport Solicitors Marylebone

Our specialist lawyers have advised infrastructure and train operators, both UK and international, commercial suppliers, manufacturers, funders, property developers and landowners on a wide range of projects of varying sizes.

Muscatt Black Graf’s Transport and Infrastructure solicitors can advise on all stages of transportation projects, including:

  • Rail infrastructure, including objection, compulsory purchase, compensation and relocation terms
  • Development issues, for example over proximity to the rail corridor or underground
  • Development projects associated with stations and the provision of freight distribution facilities
  • Retail leases and operating licences of premises from Network Rail, train operators or London Underground
  • Entering into a joint venture or other partnering arrangements
  • Contributing to the cost of transport projects
  • Funding schemes with a transport element
  • Dealing with regulatory aspects
  • Contracts for the supply of rolling stock
  • Contracts for the provision of fleet management and telematics systems

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    Transport Lawyers London

    Our specialist lawyers have detailed knowledge of the contracts that govern the rail industry, its regulatory and safety framework and a practical knowledge of the industry to advise effectively.

    Integrated advice is crucial in transport projects. We are uniquely placed to provide this by combining our specialist transport and infrastructure experience with expertise in property and development, planning, compulsory purchase and compensation.

    Transport and Infrastructure Lawyers London

    Muscatt Black Graf is a long-established specialist law firm of highly experienced lawyers who provide exceptional client care and straightforward advice.

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